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Bloody Xenomorph by WretchedSpawn2012 Bloody Xenomorph :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 66 4 Deep Sea Leviathan by WretchedSpawn2012 Deep Sea Leviathan :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 140 6 Smaug the Terrible by WretchedSpawn2012 Smaug the Terrible :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 173 16 White Jungle Shadow by WretchedSpawn2012 White Jungle Shadow :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 12 0 City Escape Sonic by WretchedSpawn2012 City Escape Sonic :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 11 1 Necrospawn by WretchedSpawn2012 Necrospawn :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 139 12 Aku by WretchedSpawn2012 Aku :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 137 11 Blasphemous Skull by WretchedSpawn2012 Blasphemous Skull :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 87 8 Obelisk the Tormentor by WretchedSpawn2012 Obelisk the Tormentor :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 67 10 Obelisk the Tormentor (Lineart) by WretchedSpawn2012 Obelisk the Tormentor (Lineart) :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 33 1 Iron Maiden Regenerator by WretchedSpawn2012 Iron Maiden Regenerator :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 111 11 Character Quickies by WretchedSpawn2012 Character Quickies :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 19 0 Slifer the Sky Dragon by WretchedSpawn2012 Slifer the Sky Dragon :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 262 31 Slifer the Sky Dragon (lineart) by WretchedSpawn2012 Slifer the Sky Dragon (lineart) :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 116 18 Godzilla 2016 (Crimson Spikes) by WretchedSpawn2012 Godzilla 2016 (Crimson Spikes) :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 143 16 Godzilla 2016 by WretchedSpawn2012 Godzilla 2016 :iconwretchedspawn2012:WretchedSpawn2012 134 15


Aliens: Predalien by Hellraptor Aliens: Predalien :iconhellraptor:Hellraptor 264 26 Aliens: Alien King by Hellraptor Aliens: Alien King :iconhellraptor:Hellraptor 346 116 WEYLAND-YUTANI file: XENO-SHARK by BennyKusnoto WEYLAND-YUTANI file: XENO-SHARK :iconbennykusnoto:BennyKusnoto 438 23 WEYLAND-YUTANI file: XENO-GORILLA by BennyKusnoto WEYLAND-YUTANI file: XENO-GORILLA :iconbennykusnoto:BennyKusnoto 712 47 Lyn by yagaminoue Lyn :iconyagaminoue:yagaminoue 591 28 Aliens by Abz-J-Harding Aliens :iconabz-j-harding:Abz-J-Harding 565 21 Swamp King Dred by AlexHorley Swamp King Dred :iconalexhorley:AlexHorley 570 53 Skartaaroth Hiemsmors Infernalis Charactersheet by Svartya Skartaaroth Hiemsmors Infernalis Charactersheet :iconsvartya:Svartya 84 46 Dragons are not slaves by Wucke Dragons are not slaves :iconwucke:Wucke 50 9 Miss Forest by Valyavande Miss Forest :iconvalyavande:Valyavande 186 6 Vax'ildan by Takeda11 Vax'ildan :icontakeda11:Takeda11 179 10 Palladium Fantasy Jormund Serpent by ChuckWalton Palladium Fantasy Jormund Serpent :iconchuckwalton:ChuckWalton 1,056 63 Chapter 3 sample by TurnerMohan Chapter 3 sample :iconturnermohan:TurnerMohan 73 19 Deharme's TOOLBOX by Deharme Deharme's TOOLBOX :icondeharme:Deharme 4,651 249 DEHARME / Charcoal set v1.0 / Photoshop CC by Deharme DEHARME / Charcoal set v1.0 / Photoshop CC :icondeharme:Deharme 5,342 179 Hush 1 by mzrkart Hush 1 :iconmzrkart:mzrkart 362 13



Bloody Xenomorph
Just some post- Alien day art I made over the last few days. Being one of my absolute favorite movie monsters, to my surprise I have a severe lack of Alien & Predator art in my gallery and that needs to change! I was feeling a bloody xeno for this one
Deep Sea Leviathan
I had never done a water type dragon or underwater scene before, so this took a little longer and I spent more time on it than usual. A lot of this dragon was inspired by prehistoric marine reptiles, viper fish, and lion fish.

It was well worth it, I'm trying to get better with color, lighting and tighter rendering
Smaug the Terrible
I had been wanting to make a more serious Smaug piece for quite some time but never got around to it or got something I was really satisfied with. And I didn't just want to replicate a still from one of the movies or picture on the internet because in my opinion that cheapens the credibility of the artist (and the art itself). Well after sketching this dragon in several different poses I ended up with this.

I fought through an annoying cold making this uucckkk but it was worth it so I can make prints of it now.
White Jungle Shadow
I couldn't for the life of me decide which of Shadow's levels I wanted to paint. He only gets 4 in SA2B and they're kinda short but I love them all. I settled on the jungle, I guess it has a more compelling atmosphere.
City Escape Sonic
OK so deviating a bit from what I would originally make....tbh I have a closet obsession with Sonic, specifically Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

I've played City Escape more times than that is humanly necessary, and I have a little Sonic toy (the extremely rare one from SA2B) I've had since 4th grade I think. So I opened Photoshop and thought why the hell not. I know there's legions of crappy piss poor Sonic art on here, but I hope mine does this hedgehog a little justice.


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